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About Brooker Events 

"Creating Events Uniquely For You"


People have been striving to be different from one another their whole lives, yet their defining life moments stay similar to one another.


Brooker Events will work with you to help you continue with being different and put some flare into your next event!.


With Brooker Events, I strive to treat your event like it was my own. I will put my creative passion and eye for details into planning an event as unique as you are.


Whether your event is small or large I will find moment defining additions to help keep people talking for months to come.


I have been thinking “outside the box” my entire life why not take tradition to the next level. People deserve lasting memories and guests deserve to have fun.


My main job is to ensure the day runs smoothly! It's a very exciting day, no one should be stressed. Let me handle the details. 

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