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About Brooke

Hi There! 

My name is Brooke! I am an outgoing donut fanatic who LOVES weddings! Growing up in this industry can do that to you! 

Niagara region has always been my home. With all these wineries, breweries and attractions I embrace the region with excitement. 

Looking for a planner who has a wedding day fanny pack look no further! Carrying all the essentials to not miss a beat. 


My  Start 

I grew up in the wedding industry as my Grandmother & Mother owned their own Wedding Boutique specializing in invitations, flowers and wedding cakes.


Daycare consisted of going there and hiding in the cake cooler munching on cake discards and wonderful cherry filling. When I was old enough I was able to go to venues to help deliver wedding cakes with my Grandfather and attend wedding shows. I've become hooked ever since. 

I feel everyone deserves help on their big day. A lot of time, planning and research goes into weddings, let me take the stress off that list!

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